Oh… Hey… It’s August!

Hello, hello… Yes, I am still on the green side of the grass. Things have just been busy and I realized that I probably haven’t come here much because I see the post about Willow and get misty-eyed all over again but I need to get back to blogging and so here I am.

The past month has been super busy work-wise. Which is great, but it is NOT conducive to wanting to come and write even more than I have been for most of my days. I’ve been ghostwriting for a few blogs and it feels sometimes like all of the words I have to use for the day get used up doing writing for other people.

I can hardly believe we moved 5 months ago now (especially when I look at all the stuff in the livingroom that still needs to be somewhere and I have no idea where it’s all going to go).  But it’s much nicer here and even though there are still lots of noisy kids, at least they aren’t outside at 2AM and there aren’t loud parties every weekend and we actually have a parking spot close to the apartment that’s assigned rather than “free-for-all-good-luck-sucker” parking.

Mr. POSSLQ is still doing what he does. Working hard. Wishing that Tulsa would just, sort of, go away.  I want to tell him at least it’s not Colorado – during an ice storm but know that a comment like that would not go over well. Tulsa comes with its own unique challenges. He did pass his annual work physical but they were kind enough to inform him that it will be tougher next year because he’ll bounce up another age bracket. It’s always something, right?  I was teasing him that now he has another whole year before he expires. *grin  (I don’t think he found it as funny as I did, go figure).

We’ve been meaning to go see ‘The Secret Life of Pets’ since it came out but time and money have been working against us.

Well, it’s late and I should probably get to bed but I wanted to get here and write something while it was on my mind and I’ll try to get here a little more often.