P is for Painting

A few years ago, I had expressed interest in trying my hand at painting.  Specifically, I was interested in Oil Painting. I wasn’t sure, though, exactly how to get started and had the great fortune of having a couple of friends give me a lovely tabletop easel and some supplies for Christmas.

Little did I know, at the time, that Mr. POSSLQ had also long wanted to try his hand at painting, having been a fan of Bob Ross (yay for Happy Little Trees!)

Well, Mr. POSSLQ started painting. And even though he’d tell you otherwise, he’s quite good at it. Me? Not so much. I have been thinking, though, that maybe I can do some paintings that are more abstract that I can then use for backgrounds for other projects.

Meanwhile, I got Mr. POSSLQ an actual “field” easel for Christmas.  We need to work on clearing him a space to paint (the small balcony just isn’t conducive to painting. Too much “nature” occurs out there!)

So, I continue to chip away at getting the space better organized so that eventually we’ll actually be able to have space to live that isn’t crowded with boxes.