P is for Procrastination

It should come as no surprise that P is for procrastination. I don’t MEAN to do it, it just happens. I put off a lot of unpleasant things (come to my apartment some time and you’ll see that the housekeeping is a key procrastination area… not only do I not like it, I am not particularly good at it).

I tend to put off things like blog writing, as well. Not because I don’t like it, though.. Oddly, it’s because I enjoy it and it feels like an indulgence. It feels like it’s not being very productive even though anything that gets me to write is actually pretty productive. So, there’s that. I guess that it’s just difficult for me to see that sometimes when I am ‘in the moment’ and prioritizing things.  I feel like I should be WORKING and doing things that generate income and maybe I need to realize more in the moment that doing things like writing, which helps me to improve my writing is something that has value.

I put off things, too, that are going to create any sort of strife or conflict. I put off conversations. I don’t call people on their bullshit when I should. I don’t bring myself into alignment and set things right straight out of the gate which ends up causing conflict down the line. (I actually have a big thing brewing about this whole thing which I am trying to figure out how to manage without it becoming a complete nightmare).

The funny thing is, that when I actually dig in and get things done, I end up feeling so much better. So I don’t know WHY it’s so hard to dig in and get things done. I guess it’s just the mental build up that’s the issue. My brain can take things and run with them so it seems sometimes like things are just going to be so icky that I have a hard time getting motivated to do them.

Anyhow, I suppose I should get to doing some of the things that I have been putting off. What do YOU put off doing? Or am I the only procrastinator?