Please Stop “Practicing”

As MrPOSSLQ is a much better patient than I could/would ever be,  he dutifully went to Dr. Killemquick’s office and let them draw TEN vials of blood a couple of weeks ago. TEN VIALS!! I think they’re selling his blood on the black market somewhere. Anyhow, Mr.POSSLQ FINALLY got the results, which took ages, probably because they sent it to THREE LABS… this was over $5000.00 worth of lab work.  Holy Mother of Pearl! (And, oh yeah, $1500.00 of that is NOT COVERED BY INSURANCE).

So.. the results. In spite of having religiously taken his cholesterol meds, his cholesterol has gone up. I honestly think that Dr.Killemquick looks at MrPOSSLQ as the financer of his Malibu Beach House via pharmaceutical company kickbacks because the good doc almost GLEEFULLY wrote a ‘script for Very Expensive Cholesterol Medicine (again, even after it was rejected by insurance last time) and a plethora of other things (including krill oil…. MrPOSSLQ wondered if this was a less-than-subtle jab at his waistline as he noted “WHALES eat krill”).

Lo and behold, AzulBoss (the insurance company) mustve thrown in the towel because MrPOSSLQ got the VECM for a reasonable co-pay (the prescribed mega-super-ultra-meta High Dose Vitamin B6, however… NOT COVERED and pretty heftily priced)

However, there have been some very troubling side effects in the past couple of weeks that the doc seemed concerned about (“well, huh… guess it COULD be a blood clot…”) but not concerned enough to  a) really do a damn thing to address the issue or b) at least give MrPOSSLQ something to deal with the through-the-roof pain he’s experiencing.  The first thought I had was gout, but apparently MrPOSSLQs Uric Acid levels are just fine thankyouverymuch which then makes me wonder if we should be concerned about the possibility of a blood clot.  MrPOSSLQ says that, sure, the short-term cost of cremation is high, but I’d save money in the long run because I wouldn’t be paying for all of the pills every month.

Interesting note here… MrPOSSLQ’s “overall” cholesterol number is good, there is just one of the numbers that goes into it that has Doc Killemquick’s panties in a bunch.  Also, I am not impressed that he keeps warning MrPOSSLQ about crossing the line into being diabetic whilst prescribing medications that have a known side effect of CAUSING diabetes.

I, being the hater of Western Medicine, have informed MrPOSSLQ that if the side effects continue to outweigh the benefits of the VECM, he should probably stop taking it.

Succinctly stated, MrPOSSLQ’s health was far better before he started taking all of this damn medication. He went from taking the occasional Aleve to taking something like EIGHT (prescribed) pills/day.  And, whilst his hypertension is under control with the medication, I think the cholesterol meds are doing more harm than good. And I think you absolutely should tell your doctor that you think a treatment is not correct for you.  And I think your doc should actually LISTEN to your concerns.  Also, I think they should be smart enough to not prescribe meds that don’t interact well together (Killemquick seems to have NO DAMN CLUE in that department).

Well, guess I’ll head to bed. Early day tomorrow.

One thought on “Please Stop “Practicing”

  1. Succinctly stated, MrPOSSLQ’s health was far better before he started taking all of this damn medication.

    Well, now that I am contending with my own high blood pressure issues, and the screwups associated with the ostensibly helpful medications prescribed to fix that, the dude totally has my sympathies.

    [‘It’s yucky is what it is.’]

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