Postal Shenanigans

I had gotten notification that something had shipped. Had tracking. Original date of arrival was to be Friday, then it changed to Saturday and then it went back to Friday. Well, they came after 5pM on Friday, which meant that the office was closed. I went to the USPS website and told them to hold it at the Post Office.

Saturday Mr.POSSLQ went to go pick the package up. After a half hour of waiting at the Post Office they told him that it had gone out for delivery. They did say that they would tell the carrier to bring it to the apt. office rather than leaving it at the door to potentially be stolen.

So, Mr.POSSLQ retrieved it from the office today (because the office was closed by the time Mr.POSSLQ got everything straightened out at the Post Office and got back home).

I am unhappy that we can’t have packages dropped at the door without worrying about them being stolen. It isn’t even as though our door is OUTSIDE… To get to our door you have to come into the building and come up stairs. So, whoever the package thief is, they are going to some extra effort to steal our stuff.  *sigh

This is especially vexing with a major gift-giving holiday approaching.  Oh well, overall, I still like where we are living now better than where we were living. I guess everywhere has potential problems and I guess you pick you battles.