Processing the Sadness

I wish that I could tell you that even though Hate won the election last night that everything is going to be ok. But, I can’t say that and feel like it’s true. I spent time last night cyber-hugging a transgender friend and trying to find some words, any words, to dispell some of the terror she’s feeling.

I really wish I had something profound or inspirational to say, but I don’t. Maybe it will come to me in the next few days or weeks but right now… Right now I am profoundly sad.

I am sad for the LBGTAQ community who waited so long to get the same rights the rest of us have. I foresee of future of tons of wasted taxpayer dollars erasing marriage equality. I’m worried for their safety and for what little protection they now have going away completely.

I am sad for my friends who were finally able to get healthcare thanks to the admittedly very flawed ACA. The Republicans talk incessantly about repealing it but offer nothing to replace it. I’ve been paying the annual fine for not having insurance without complaint because the fine was still way more affordable than getting insurance coverage. I have at least one friend who is very likely going to lose her insurance and likely die as a result.

I am sad for people of color. I hate that people I know and love are afraid of dealing with increasingly militarized police forces  and witness their very real fear that when their children leave the house, there’s a chance that they aren’t coming back that goes above and beyond the reality that ‘shit happens’ in the world sometimes. Any of us could get hit by a bus tomorrow, people of color could simply be in the wrong place at the wrong time dealing with a cop who doesn’t care who they are beyond the color of their skin.

I am worried for what this means for people who follow religions other than Christianity and for atheists as I foresee it becoming far more acceptable to discriminate and use religion as a reason to do so.

I am sad for the working poor and the rapidly-disappearing middle class that will continue to shrink and the inequality between the haves and have-nots that will become greater at an accelerated pace.

I am sad for our relations with the rest of world. Even G. W.  knew a thing or two about statesmanship and diplomacy. I’ve seen no indication that our new overlords possess any sense of diplomacy.

I am sad for the environment. Sad that people who don’t believe in science or climate change will now be in charge. Sad that we’re going to fall at least 4 more years behind on developing any sort of clean energy technology.

Finally, I’m sad because I’ve lost my faith that humans are inherently good. I hope to be able to use the bits of privilege I have to make sure my daughter and spirit daughter will have a better world when the incoming regime marches off into the sunset. And I am profoundly grateful for the freedom I have from now until 20 January 2017.