Q is for Quick (but IMPORTANT)!

QPosting a short message from a friend today:

I was wondering if you would help me spread awareness at my child’s school. My child is just one victim, please read the comments on the site, KMOV’s fb wall comments for the article and the comments that go with the shares and you will get a very accurate picture of how the administration turns its back on its students getting bullied. The police tried to do something for my son this time and the DA declined to press charges due to the school not cooperating and the kid denied doing it! I told him jail cells are full of people who deny doing it.  Anyway, here is our story and 4 other moms talking. I’m blurred out but, I outted myself in the comments because someone called my son a liar and we have 3 years of evidence to document his cases. Will you please call attention to this? For the kids’ sake.

Sincerely, Jude

If you were ever a bullied kid or if you KNOW a bullied kid or if the kid that’s being bullied is YOUR kid, you’ll know that silence just helps keep the cycle alive.  Take a quick minute, tweet the above link, let it be known that we, as a society, won’t tolerate this anymore!