R is (apparently) for Reaper

So, 2016 is certainly proving a less than stellar year if you are in the entertainment industry.  The Grim Reaper has been doing a bit of overtime (or so it seems) this year.

The latest two to hit (at least that have made an impact on my corner of the world) are Chyna (former Professional Wrestler) and Prince… They are certainly not the only major losses this year, but both made me sad.

No, I didn’t know either of them personally. And I know a lot of people who don’t understand when people are sad that a celebrity passed away because it wasn’t a close friend or family member but I’ve seen it said that these people were part of our life story somehow and now they’re gone and a little piece of the story goes with them.

The fact that celebrities often die at a younger age due to things like overdoses, rather than at an advanced age often adds either to the “it’s not fair” factor or the “well, s/he had money, why didn’t s/he get help?”  I think the answer there is that sometimes throwing money at a problem doesn’t necessarily translate into things being any better.

I guess R is also for Rest in Peace.