R is for Rant

I’ve tried to keep this to myself. I’ve TRIED to not let it bother me but I saw it AGAIN this morning and I just can’t stay quiet any longer…

It frosts my cookies when someone who is very visible and a community leader who has a ton of followers and is supposed to be an authority on things cannot use the right freakin’ word when they’re writing.

Today’s gem? “Product Name gets a bad wrap” when what they MEAN is “Product Name gets a bad RAP” and it was NOT a play on words advertisement for wraps, it was a case of using the wrong word. And yes, I KNOW that not everyone is a writer or a word geek but FFS, I find it difficult to take anything they say seriously when this is something that comes up in their writing over and over and over again. I am completely aware that mistakes happen and that no one gets everything right 100% of the time. And I am SURE that you could comb through my blog posts and find a fuckton of errors. But I’m not someone who makes $15K for a day of coaching with me.  And, if the argument is that these people have other people writing and posting things for them then they need to hire better people.

And I’m sure that there are people who are going to say I’m being too harsh, but I have to wonder why people are spending thousands of dollars getting coaching from people who can’t be bothered to make sure they’re using language correctly. (I realize, too, that this might be my personal bias and that other people think it’s fine).