R is for Requiem

RSo, things have been a little crazy and as a result,  I am about to do some binge-blogging.

Mr. POSSLQ got an email from his mother saying that his grandmother’s health was declining. The next day he got an email saying that she had passed away.  Mr.POSSLQ said “In my family, we don’t mess around – sick one day, dead the next!”  Same thing happened in 2009 with his grandfather. He got an email one day that grandad was not well and the next that grandad had passed away.

So, there’s been scrambling to make arrangements for Mr.POSSLQ to go to the funeral.  I’ll be staying home since no one in his family knows me and it’s not as if we can afford impromptu trips.  It’s enough that I am working on how to get myself to where The Girl lives for her high school graduation next month.  I am thinking, at the moment, that MY trip is going to involve Greyhound (as much as I LOVED my Amtrak trip last year and would love to do it again, because I have a “must be there” date this time and because the trip was delayed due to the train being cancelled altogether last year AND because it is super-pricey for a sleeper car, it looks like Greyhound is what’s in the budget).

Anyhoo…Farewell to Grandma. And Bon Voyage (as much as possible, given the reason for the trip) to Mr. POSSLQ.

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