Rabbit Rabbit – December

Wow! December already! I don’t know where the time has gone this year.

I am still working on adjusting my schedule and not sleeping very well. I woke up about 4AM and wasn’t able to get back to sleep so I have been working and surfing around the internet.

It’s actually quite cold here in AZ right now and I am, frankly, freezing.  Bless frugal Mom’s heart, she turns off the heat at night and it is cold in here.  Not so bad when you are tucked up in bed, but definitely more of a challenge when you are sitting at a computer. I suppose that really, I should be up and moving around some more which might warm me up some.

Anyhow, my hands are cold which makes typing unpleasant but  you would think that having them moving would keep them a tich bit warmer.  No such luck.  I guess it is supposed to warm up next week a bit. I am not going to complain, though, because I am not having to battle snow, so I am happy. I will deal with cold. Snow…not a fan.

I’ll be going home again before Christmas. Hoping that traveling near the holiday won’t be overly unpleasant. Going to go and try to warm up now.


One thought on “Rabbit Rabbit – December

  1. So cool to have your voice back in my feed, just wanted to say. I toy with the idea of blogging again…. but never seem to get there. I totally know what you are saying about typing in the cold….it was 21 this morning here in New Mexico, and my office has the biggest window in the house. With me in front of it. Cuz that’s where the outlets are for the monitors x 3, the printer, laptop, laptop dock, etc etc etc. On the other hand, I love working at home, so no complaining. I got myself a box of those “toe warmers” from Costo, and instead of putting them on my toes, lol, I hold them when my fingers threaten to break off from the cold. And a space heater. Hope it gets warmer for you ….

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