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Rodney Lacroix magnanimously sent me an advance copy of his new book ‘Romantic As Hell’ to read and review. I’ve read it and now it’s review time!

I’ll be honest and say I had some difficulty reading this book.  Not because it’s a bad book in any way, but because when you have to pause frequently due to fits of laughter (as in ‘oh my Lord, where’s my inhaler? oh right, I don’t have one…’ fits of laughter – the kind where you laugh so hard it’s difficult to catch your breath) it takes a while to get through a book.  Such was the case with ‘Romantic As Hell’.

Now, I am not exactly the target demographic for this book and yet… I am absolutely the target demographic for this book in a ninja-esque way.  This is a romance tips guide written to help men.  How, then, am I, a cis-het female somehow the target audience for this book? Realistically how many men are going to buy a book of romance tips for themselves? (Unless, maybe, they’d read Rodney’s two previous publications and were curious about what in the world Rodney could possibly have to say on the subject of romance).

Rodney Lacroix

                Romantic, no?

The book is actually filled with good, practical tips mixed with some great stories of romantic (and not-so-romantic) adventures.  The tips are things that pretty much ANY guy could pull off without spending too much time or effort (unlike putting together one of those epic proposal videos that are my not-so-secret guilty pleasure to watch). Rodney lays out what works (and why) and what doesn’t work (and why) in an easy-to-read and easy-to-implement manner.

Admittedly, I may be a bit more easily impressed in the romance department as a woman who has been married more than once whose most romantic marriage proposal was probably the time I got a ring for my birthday (after having had a complete meltdown because I’d EXPECTED the ring at Christmas and GOT a box of cordial cherries) and when I asked if it was an engagement ring got an unenthusiastic “Yeah, I guess so” as a response.  But, that being said, I think if a man put even a fraction of the tips in ‘Romantic As Hell’ to use, he would convince me he was a romantic guy and I’d be smitten.

I feel I should probably warn you there is an ‘F-bomb’ or two (or maybe more… I didn’t count) and obviously, some of the subject matter is NSFW (and don’t even try to read this whilst utilizing public transportation because the men with the white coats with the wrap sleeves tend to cart of people who laugh uncontrollably in public places). I should also warn you (because I know several of the folks who read this blog) that Rodney is a little, ummm, biased against ‘crazy cat ladies’ because he’s a ‘dog person’, but don’t hold that against him, he has a number of redeeming qualities that (almost) make up for it.

Finally, the illustrations in this book are excellent and most of them really add to the hilarity. It’s one thing to read about something happening and quite another to see it actually illustrated.  So, gentlemen… want to take your “romance” game to the next level (or, you know, get into the game in the first place?), buy the book (and while you’re at it, buy Rodney’s other two books so you can cover for reading something that has the word “Romantic” in the title).  Ladies – do you want to give your man a little boost to his romance game (or, perhaps, help him to HAVE a romance game)? Pick up a copy of the book, read it, start reading passages out loud until they either sink in or (as would happen in my household) he tells you “Oh FFS, just gimme the damn book and I’ll read it myself!” (which is a “win” for you… but let him think it was his idea).

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Where can you get it and/or find out more about Rodney?

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DISCLOSURE: I received a free advance copy of the book to read for review purposes. All opinions are my honest opinion and not influenced by the fact that I received the item free-of-charge.



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