S is for Stress

Surely, you are not surprised that the ‘S’ post is about stress.  I mean, I feel sometimes like practically EVERY post I write is about stress but there’s all the stuff with new clients and change and travel and having to meet and interact with new people and I am just not very good at peopleing (yeah, I know that’s not a real word).

Also, just lots of other stuff going on with The Girl and other things that are stressful so I just feel more stressed than usual.  I am sure things will settle into a normal routine at some point because things can’t possibly be chaos all the time, right? (Why are you laughing?)

Funny thing is I used to help a friend run a workshop on Stress Management. So, I know all of the techniques, I am just not that great at using them myself, apparently.

I also need to go through and get computer files organized and emails organized and get some systems in place. So, I guess ‘S’ is also for ‘Systems’.

Something tells me, though, that I may be in for more than I am bargaining for with these new clients. There’s something that’s sortve odd about the whole organization.  Guess it will eventually come out in the wash, right?