S is for Surly

I’m not sure what it is lately. Maybe it’s being a little unsettled by the move. Perhaps it’s not sleeping well.  Likely part of it is stress.  But I am feeling a little surly lately.  I don’t like feeling like I am constantly behind and that’s how I’ve felt for months now. I’d love to have everything all put away and organized, but that hasn’t happened yet.  Progress is being made (another bookshelf should be here on Monday) but it seems slow and I’m impatient at this point.  And I know Mr. POSSLQ probably wants the rest of the stuff to just be bulldozed out and into the dumpster.

Meanwhile…there are still some things MIA. The purple zebra-striped tumbler with the lid and straw that I used practically every day is nowhere to be found.  Missing since way before the move is my High School Diploma (I have NO idea where it went. I know where it was for the longest time but it’s been a couple of years and I haven’t been able to find it anywhere. I was sure I’d find it when we eventually moved, but… nope. I mean, in the big picture, it’s probably no big deal but there have been a couple of times, back when I was working corporate jobs that I actually needed to prove I had it. (Another argument, I suppose, for never going back to a Corporate job).

So, yeah. I am sure I will eventually get back to normal, but right now? Feeling surly.