When I visited Mom last time, we went to Sanctuary Cove looking for the labyrinth.  We didn’t end up finding it but the little chapel on site there was cool and the day we went up there it was REALLY hot and trudging around in the heat was unpleasant.

But, I was disappointed to not find the labyrinth.  So, we decided to give it a go again this year and lo and behold, we FOUND THE LABYRINTH!  Turns out it was in a different place than I’d thought when we went last year and we ended up just not going far enough up one of the trails to find it.

So, I got to walk the labyrinth and I’m happy that I went out and tried again.

So, while there probably is no Sanctuary (Logan’s Run reference), there IS a Sanctuary Cove and it’s very nice and I was struck by how QUIET it was there. Sure, there was the occasional plane, but there were several moments of just plain SILENCE. I don’t even think we realize how much NOISE there is around us all the time.

(“Just so many people want it to exist, so many people who don’t want to die… They want it so much that a place called Sanctuary becomes real. But it doesn’t exist. It never existed. Just… just the hope.” – Logan5 – Logan’s Run)

The reason that I wanted to go today is that, even though we went in the daytime, it’s the Full Moon and I thought that would be a really good time to go and walk the labyrinth. If I lived here, I would probably drive out there and walk the labyrinth on Full and New moons.  I think that’s about as close to practicing religion as I get.

Tomorrow night I am going to visit some friends and have dinner at their new house.

Friday will be “early Xmas” with the Aunties.

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