Schedule Scramble

I have a client who is teaching a virtual class and I am doing tech support/participating in the class. Which is fabulous except for the fact that the class starts at 8 AM and if you will recall, I am a night-owl so this completely throws my schedule out of whack.  Doing this has made me wonder how on Earth I ever survived all of the years that I worked corporate because when the class is over I am super tired but then it’s at the point where, if I wander off to bed, I will get nothing productive done all day.  And I even try to go to bed early to compensate but I am so wound up about possibly sleeping through my alarm that I usually end up waking up way early which does not help at all with the whole being tired thing.  Fortunately, it’s only a 4-week class, so things will (allegedly) return to normal before too long.  Schedules are a weird thing, y’all.

This issue, though, has actually been a struggle for me most of my life. When I was growing up, I had to be in bed at 8 PM (up until the time I went to Boarding School at age 16…) But I was never TIRED at 8 PM, so I would usually read in bed (under the covers with a purloined flashlight) until after midnight when I would finally be tired.  6 AM wake-up (even on weekends, my stepdad did NOT allow sleeping in) was horrible, but even though I had to get up at an early hour, it did not translate to being tired at 8 PM.   Then I went to Boarding School where weeknight ‘lights out’ was 10:30 PM and weekends it was midnight. That fit my schedule a little better but I often would not be able to fall asleep right away and wake-up time was still pretty early.

My corporate life, I usually had to be to work no later than 8 AM, but the commute was usually in excess of an hour and then there was prep time in the morning, so I was still waking up at 6 AM (and then sleeping most of the day on weekends… a combination of exhaustion and depression). Mid-afternoon was always a struggle as I was super tired after lunch so that started my coffee habit (which helped for a while).  I did have a couple of stretches where I worked the graveyard shift and that worked much better for me except that the rest of the world wasn’t too great about being quiet when I was trying to sleep.  But, I was never able to find a graveyard shift job that paid well enough to sustain being the breadwinner. The second shift job I had would have worked out better had I not been getting up in the morning to get The Girl off to school (because at that time in the morning, the Wasband was in full-on unwakeable zombie mode after having been up all night playing video games). And then trying to get back to sleep in a world that doesn’t stop for night workers was an issue, plus it made it hard to get normal things done because the rest of the world works 8-to-5.

So, for the next couple of weeks, my schedule will be a mess. It works out on International Shut Up and Write Day because my brain is now in the habit of being ‘awake’ at 5 AM on Wednesdays. I suspect that this will likely be an issue for the rest of my life. I know the weird schedule makes Mr. POSSLQ crazy, too, as it appears that I sleep ALL THE TIME because of his schedule. But I really average about 5 hours of sleep/’night’.  All he knows is that I am asleep when he comes home and still asleep (most of the time) when he goes to bed.  And there’s the fact that most weekends I am awake til 6 or 7 AM and then get catch-up sleep (or just end up enjoying warm, quiet time in bed sortve half-awake, usually with a cat loafing on me).