Shut Up and Write #1

So, Mondays are now Shut Up and Write Days. I don’t know if that will always mean that there is a new blog post on Mondays, but it does mean that I am trying to be more focused on writing and I actually have a dedicated time to Shut Up and Write. (It’s a group thing, which is sortve strange when you first contemplate it because it’s a group thing but it’s virtual… so, a bunch of people all logged into a zoom call but you’re all on mute and you’re all writing).  Anyhow, Shut Up and Write is amazingly effective… even if you aren’t in the same room with the other people physically, there is something about the accountability of showing up at the same time and engaging in an activity that just works.

Of course, I have a huge backlog of writing I should be doing, so this is a good time for me to dedicate to making sure that I get the writing done. Or at least make progress on it.

So, it’s July and you may wonder what I’ve been doing since April and the short answer is that I have had a client eating up my bandwidth and I can’t say that I am altogether thrilled with that so I need to figure out what the logical next step is to bringing things back into balance. Which is sortve a theme in life in general right now.

The long answer is that I have been trying to figure out how to bring things into balance, have been learning more about what I do NOT want to be doing and have been simmering an idea for a novel (yes, yet another one) in the meantime. It’s all pretty complicated even though it probably shouldn’t be. I have a number of other things that I probably should be working on but are sitting in a holding pattern at the moment. So, in many ways, business as usual.

I am trying to get back into the habit of writing daily (not for work, just writing in general, because I do eventually want to get at least ONE novel written). I also have a bit (ok, a LOT) of housekeeping that needs to get done but I think we’ve already established that I am just not really the domestic goddess type so trying to figure out how to manage to keep things reasonable so it’s not a huge deal to get things done when there are actually going to be other people in the apartment (which is SUPER rare, but it does occasionally happen) and keep things so Mr.POSSLQ isn’t winding his way through piles of my sorting.

That’s the update for now. Hope all is well with anyone who actually comes and reads when I post!