Shut Up and Write #2

It’s Monday again, which means that it is Shut Up and Write day again. I am trying to get through a backlog of writing projects but thought that as long as I have the dedicated time, I should probably come in and write a blog post.

I have been using Ambient Mixer dot com for ‘background’ when I am writing (specifically the ‘studying at Hogwarts‘ track) when I am writing and I have actually found it very helpful. I know a lot of people like QUIET when they are writing, but there is something about having the background that makes me feel…more like I should be being productive, I guess.  Maybe it’s all the years of working corporate and just always having the vague ‘other people working’ sounds around me that helps this work for me.  At any rate, it’s working and who am I to argue with what works?

I do need to get a bunch of work done today, though.  It’s so easy to get distracted and I hate that I am so easily distracted. I have been lecturing myself about how I need to be more focused and I need to get more done. (Doesn’t everyone lecture themselves? Just me?)

I have a number of writing projects I need to finish. I am going to try and get through most of them today (because I know that there are more coming down the pike).  I also have to go back and do some more strategic planning. And, of course, there are the neverending household chores that need to be done.

Back to writing…