Shut Up and Write #3

Figure as long as I am doing Shut Up and Write, I should pop in and do a blog post. Everything I was going to write about, though, is work-related and that’s probably not the best use of this space. That’s book fodder, y’all and I think I am going to have to figure out how to actually turn it into a book before it completely eats my brain.

I’ve got a bit of a writing backlog that I need to take care of, so I will try and get that taken care of over the course of this week and there’s quite a bit of housekeeping that needs to get done but there are other issues there that I am not 100% sure how to address and so, at this point, there is a lot of trying to work around things happening. But I have a mountain of shredding I need to do, as well, so I will need to figure things out sooner rather than later and get things going there. (Because, as helpful as it was having the mobile shredding service come out before we moved, I really don’t want things to get to that point again).

I am also thinking I need to be working more on getting my files cleaned up. I have a lot of computer stuff I should go through, sort, get rid of a bunch of it so that it’s easier to find things when I need them. I have one email inbox that’s pretty out of control that I need to take care of, as well.

I also have some books that I need to read because I’d like to do a few book reviews. So, I will maybe try to get that done this week, as well.  And, I need to get the bathtub back to a point where I can be in it (cleaned under the bath mat a few weeks ago, still more cleaning needs to get done but I haven’t had the needed supplies and then I need to figure out how to get the bath mat to re-stick because it seems resistant to the idea. Stupid suction cups).  Even as hot as it has been, I sure have missed the tub (which isn’t to say I’ve gone unwashed…. I just haven’t been soaking in the tub which is my primary form of relaxation).

Well, I do have something else I need to get done before the Shut Up and Write time is done for this week, so I’m signing off for now. Hope this has helped your insomnia.