Starting over….

So, if this is a trip back to the blog here for you, you might notice something missing.  Like…. several years worth of posts.

It’s a long story and it’s currently 4AM but I just couldn’t leave the blog with no posts for one more day.

Last week, around Wednesday, I came to make a post.  Well, I TRIED to come and make a post. And the site was down. As were my other 2 sites hosted by the host that hosts them (yeah, that came out weird).  I tried for several hours and kept getting the same error. And got it the next day… and the next… and then the sun came over the mountain and it dawned on MsDarkstar that her hosting was likely offline for forever.

And then the panic set in.

In the end, I got new hosting.  I lost 2 of my 3 sites because the new hosting company allows one free transfer and one of my sites I just COULD NOT lose. So, I made the sacrifice. I lost all the blog posts. And… here were are.

I have a TON of rebuilding to do.  Guess I get to work on my site design skills. I keep telling myself (and keep being told) that these things happen for a reason. In this case, I am hoping that the abrupt end to my previous hosting wasn’t meant maliciously. (LONG story)  And I hope that starting over will end up being a good thing.

But, right now, going to BED would likely be a good thing.

Be Well and I’ll post again soon (because it’s just too naked-feeling right now)

2 thoughts on “Starting over….

  1. Well, that’s just effed up. I can deal with consciously dumping years worth of posts, which I did on Driven to Distraction, but having them “taken” would have been worse.

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