Still a Little Lost

As is typical, I am  up far too late and here when I should be in bed.  Guess I think to myself if I can just get things out of my head before I go in and try to sleep, maybe I will sleep better and longer.

Were I working a traditional job, I would likely have a three day weekend coming up.  As it is, I will probably be working at least some on Sunday and Monday (as usual).

Follow-up to the last post… There are few things that have brought me the joy that seeing a zero balance on that cursed account brought to me. I keep thinking that some day I am going to write a book about the whole experience.  I will probably call it “fiction” because there are people involved who are petty, spiteful people and one who doesn’t deserve to be hurt by knowing that the story is very, very real.  But, for now, I am basking in the glory of it being OVER and getting to move on.

If I do end up with some down time this weekend, I think I will work on my bath products website and maybe make a few batches of stuff. I have a couple of people who have asked about things so it’s time to find a way to pick it all back up again.

Anyhow, about the title of the blog post. I am still feeling a little lost blog-wise.  It’s weird to come and see just a few posts and to know that the history is gone.

I’m going to get an eye exam (and, likely, glasses)  sometime soon. The dollar store reading glasses aren’t making the grade.  I haven’t had an eye exam since I was about 17 years old.

Lastly, I will leave you with something I found both fascinating and useful.  Did you know that you can hull strawberries with a straw? I know it sounds weird, but it works and works well (I tried it tonight). See how you do it HERE!


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