Still More Insomniac Ramblings

Hello and welcome to my blog – 2017!

So, here we are in 2017 and blogs still aren’t writing themselves so I guess I still have to log in now and then and do this the old fashioned way! Still waiting on the paperless office they promised us when I was in high school, too. Hrumph!

So far 2017 has been fairly unremarkable. But I think we’re just in the lull before the shitstorm that is coming.  Shitstorm on a national level once Jan. 20th comes around.  Trying to not let that get me down, though. Again, I am hoping I am wrong about this, but every indication thusfar isn’t making things look any better.

I’m pretty sure that my next blog will be a product review or a book review as I do have a product I’d like to share with everyone and have plans to do more reading this year.  I was hoping to be part of a blog book tour, but I am thinking now that it might not happen.

Funny thing is, I keep coming here with the intention of writing something and then after I get it all written out I start to think that it’s way too boring to post what I’ve written so I leave it, come back another day, delete everything I’d written and start all over again.

That’s all I’ve got right now. Sorry for the rather boring update. I’m working on getting things more organized and actually putting stuff worth reading here this year.