Strange Days, Indeed

I’d written a few weeks ago about having my schedule scrambled due to providing support for a workshop for a client. It ended up completely upending my schedule and it’s still not back to ‘right’ or ‘normal’ (for me).  So now, I am on a daytime schedule, which is not at all comfortable or, truthfully, productive.  One of the key features/perks for me to being a night owl was that I got a lot done in the hours that ‘normal’ people sleep because there is no one emailing or wanting to chat. Just blissful quiet and productive time.

So, really, the past few weeks have been pretty awkward and uncomfortable and now I am strategizing about how to shift things so I am not on either of the extremes. So I can get back some of my productive time but not be too out of sync with the rest of the world.

Also, after a year and a half of living in our current place, Mr.POSSLQ and I just got our first apartment inspection notice.  Since they used to happen every 4 months or so at the old place, I can’t complain about once in 1.5 years but I still hate the whole concept. I know that it is supposed to be for the good of the renter but I hate the feeling of being judged.  That being said, there isn’t a ton that has to be done. Mostly just sweeping and mopping floors and putting some things that are sitting out away so they’re out of the way.  I’m not sure they will be thrilled with the fact that we still have a lot of plastic totes sitting in the living room but they are a) not cardboard boxes and b) not in any way hampering ingress/egress, which I believe are the two things that inspection-type folks are really concerned about.

But really, other than that, things are pretty well under control. Also, I find it very interesting that we got almost a full month notice when, at the old place, we were lucky to get 24 full hours. Usually, they’d put a notice on the door at about 5 minutes to 5 PM the night before. MAYBE two days before if you were REALLY lucky. (Or my favorite, the weekend-ruiner…. the notice shows up on Saturday afternoon for a Monday inspection).

The upside (if there is one) is that with my ‘new’ schedule, I’ll probably not have to do something disruptive to my schedule in order to be awake for the inspection.  Hopefully, though, I will get the schedule issues straightened out soon and get back some of the productivity that I’ve lost.  Wish me luck!