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Some random Thinky Thoughts…

I spent most of 2015 waiting for a business opportunity to actually materialize. I had been working with someone who was beginning a new business venture. I was excited. I was ready. And I (STUPIDLY) waited. And waited. And it never happened.

I am disappointed in myself for waiting and continuing to hope it would happen. I am also more than a little miffed at myself for having had a very frank conversation with this person about some issues that were happening for me because even though I was TOLD that it didn’t matter, the whole way this person interacted with me after the conversation changed VERY drastically.

Next item… I don’t care what bathroom someone uses. I think the idea of unisex public restrooms is a dandy idea and I am pretty sure that 99% of the people that are in a bathroom are there to take care of the business bathrooms were built for and have no interest in what anyone else is doing in the bathroom. The other 1% are going to be deviant weasels no matter what.

I am enjoying the fact that on the weekends, there are not loud, drunken parties where I live now.  My old neighborhood? Pretty much every weekend.  Would I go out walking alone after dark where I live now? No, probably not.  Does the prospect completely terrify me? No, not like it used to in the old neighborhood.  Do I think that there will NEVER be a loud party here? No.. I bet it will happen. I am just happy it’s no longer a weekly thing.  Also, no small children wandering around unsupervised until all hours of the night here. Bliss!


2 thoughts on “T is for Thinky Thoughts

  1. @Nasreen – I don’t think it’s “jerky” at all to admit you don’t like little kids. Honestly, I am not a fan of children and have been told over the years that I am some sort of “freak” because I’m female and don’t like babies. I think it’s lovely that some women adore and want to be around babies/children. I wish it was more “ok” to be a woman and NOT want to be around babies/children.

  2. That’s one of the things I like about my neighborhood: There are hardly any little kids, wandering around or otherwise. I know this is probably a jerky thing to say, but I don’t like little kids, and it’s nice not having to hear their shrieking outside.

    This was good. Your random thought posts are better than the posts I plan out for a week.

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