T is for Tastes Terrible

I am fairly willing to taste most kinds of food.  I need to tell you, if someone invites you to a conference and they’re serving vegan food, make other plans.

First, the good… I didn’t even know before now that pickled okra is a thing. But, it is and it’s tasty, which is good because other than a bit of salad, that’s about all that’s been worth putting in my mouth at the conference.

Not good… Everything seems to involve Kale and I am not a fan. And, let me tell you… chocolate pudding that’s a califlower base (yes, you read that correctly) is every bit as NASTY as it sounds. Now, I had HEARD that they made a pudding with an avocado base. And I was thinking, well, I like guacamole, I like avocados, maybe avocado based pudding isn’t that horrible. And I decided to be adventurous with the califlower pudding and… it’s bad.  I mean, not even remotely palatable.

Not to mention that they seem to be running out of food at every meal. And then the hotel is claiming that our headcount is wrong. No… maybe people are just eating three plates of salad because they’re freakin’ STARVING. Maybe quinoa at every meal just isn’t the most stellar idea. I mean, I would think that if you’re trying to get people hooked on your lifestyle that you wouldn’t feed them stuff that leaves them wanting to wander off to the nearest McDonald’s just to feel as if they’ve eaten. But, I’m no expert in the thought patterns of vegans.  I just keep telling myself that this is going to make a good book some day and keep my head down (and I MAY have ordered Chinese food… and no, it was NOT vegan).

Also, I am pretty sure I am going to get the con crud. For a group of allegedly health conscious folks, there is a lot of hacking and looking like they’re going to keel over from fatigue. Or maybe it’s lack of nourishment. And yes, I KNOW that there is good, tasty, vegan food to be had. I just wish some of it would make it’s way to the conference…