Thanksgravy, Actually

As I said yesterday, our Thanksgiving feast is on Friday, not Thursday because of schedules, logistics and needing proper prep time and also because if left to my own devices, we’d probably end up with a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving… toast, jellybeans, popcorn…. Things that carry less of a threat of my setting the kitchen on fire than actual REAL cooking.

We’re in that weird weather period right now where it is alternating between ‘turn on the heat, it’s freezing’ and ‘oh goodness, it’s so hot I’m positively MELTING’.  Not at all complaining , it’s just a weird time of year weather-wise.

I had another successful day of not working on client work. I know that probably sounds ridiculous, but it’s been a very long time since I just took an entire day off, let alone more than one day.

We’ll be having leftovers for dinner on Sunday…except I think there will probably be a new batch of stuffing..because we ate pretty much all of the batch that was made.

And, we had our annual viewing of the WKRP Turkey episode. Wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without it…

2 thoughts on “Thanksgravy, Actually

  1. I did the entire meal from scratch (except the apple pie and the rolls) from scratch just three days out of the hospital and on no sleep. I was so proud. Even though I pretty much hate turkey – I still made a damn good turkey.

    At any rate, I’m glad you got a dinner and I’m glad you’re getting some days off. Working seven days a week for year after year reduces the quality of your output. And it also makes people unhappy.

    [‘Glad you’re doing fairly well on the holiday!’]

    • @Max – Hope the hospital thing was nothing TOO serious and yeah, pulling off a “from scratch” dinner 3 days out of the hospital is pretty effing impressive. Double points for effort, too!

      I love being self-employed but will admit that feeling “on-call” 365 days a year is exhausting. And is also indicative of needing to set way better boundaries.

      I think it’s time for pie, now.

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