Thanksgravy Delayed

Due to schedules, logistics and generally needing more prep time, Mr.POSSLQ and I have our Thanksgiving Dinner on Friday.

Due to being stompled by the drama llama recently, I am looking at social media today, seeing all the family stuff being posted and feeling a little sad. I was really hoping to have an early Christmahanukwanzafestivus with my Mom and The Girl when I’m in AZ in early December and it isn’t going to happen. And I find myself bitterly thinking that my Birthday got cancelled this year (well, ok, it sortve ended up getting celebrated 6 months late, in tandem with Mr. POSSLQ’s – see aforementioned note about schedules, logistics and prep time) and now my visions of sugarplums have been derailed (along with, once again, my Mother of the Year award…)

Today has consisted of really wanting to be able to disperse a cloud of ether over the neighborhood kids (why yes, I am ‘get off my damn lawn, you whippersnappers’ age) and spending pretty much the entire afternoon soaking in the tub. I still want to live in a house some day where I can have a float tank, but practically speaking, I’d really need to have won the lottery because I would probably spend 6-8 hours a day floating.

I HAVE managed to avoid working today (clarifying here that I am specifically avoiding doing client work) and I am actually thinking I will take tomorrow off from client work, as well.

Tomorrow’s dinner will consist of Maple Glazed Pork Roast, sauteed apples, stuffing, and Razzleberry pie for me, Pumpkin Pie for Mr. POSSLQ. (No, we are not traditionalists in our Thanksgiving menu). We will have some lovely stuffed mushrooms for lunch. I attempted to be helpful and put the bread dough (to make the bread for the stuffing) in to rise and somehow managed to melt the plastic wrap I’d put over the top all over the pan and the bread dough (perhaps I heated the oven overzealously?)  THAT is why I am not the one who does the cooking around here. Because I am simply not competent in the kitchen.  I DID manage, however, to come up with a lovely drink recipe consisting of Crown Royal Apple and Cream Soda.

So, I sincerely hope that y’all had lovely Thanksgiving dinners, that the conversations around the table were civil and that you managed to fulfill your holiday obligations without feeling too horrible about it. Have a safe rest of the weekend, avoid the malls tomorrow if you can (that’s what online shopping is for) and I’ll see if I can stop eating/napping long enough to write a post tomorrow.

Happy Thanksgravy!