The Cat

This is a story about a cat. But it’s not my cat.

Let me back up a little. My Mom had Rudy Valentine (her cat) for many years. He was getting to be an elderly cat and he went to the Rainbow Bridge about a year ago.

My Mom held off getting a new cat, but eventually she got tired of living completely alone and finally found a new cat.  Jaspurr (not how she spells it, but, I think that’s more adorable and this is my blog) is a handful. He’s three years old. He’s pretty clingy/needy.  He is energetic. He doesn’t understand that sleeping with his paws around hoomom’s face keeps her awake. He climbs things. Lots of things. Wallhangings, for instance. And he’s wearing my Mom out.

She tells me he sits and watches her and meows pitifully when she goes to the mailbox. When she goes out in the car somewhere, he sits and meows pitifully, as well (she can hear him in the house whilst she’s in the garage).

Apparently, Jaspurr is ok with other cats and with dogs. I know my Mom won’t get another cat (which I actually think would go a long way toward making him less clingy – I am basing this theory on the fact that since Willow has been gone, Crystal has become much more clingy/needy).

Mom has been alternating between saying she thinks he’d be happier elsewhere and saying she’ll keep trying to work with him. It’s only been a couple of months. I’ll get to meet him when I go visit in December. Maybe I can help figure out what he needs to be able to work out with my Mom.

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  1. I hope you can figure it out. I’ve had cats over the years and they have been so different that I’ve had a tough time applying lessons learned from one to the others.

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