J is for The Jibblies

So, it’s probably no surprise to anyone, but I’m a geek.  Part of the descent into geekdom came from watching classic stuff on the web like Homestar Runner. There’s an episode entitled Jibblies 2, which probably has you thinking that there should be an episode entitled The Jibblies, but, in true Homestar Runner fashion, that was not the case.

Ok, so what are The Jibblies? The Jibblies occur when something creeps you out,  in the Jibblies 2 there’s a creepy painting, but The Jibblies can be caused by anything that creeps you out.  In mild cases, you shudder and mutter “jibblie”. In more severe cases, you twitch uncontrollably and repeatedly and incoherently say “jibblie”. The jibblies can also occur when you are “weirded out”.

So, The Jibblies are on my mind because I’m going (allegedly) to a convention next week hosted by a new client and I’ll be there for several days and will have to share a room with a complete stranger and the thought of that creeps me out. It’s one thing to share space with someone you know (and like… or can at least tolerate), it’s another thing to share space with someone you’ve never met before. I’m given to believe that my snoring is such that it could shake small birds from their nests, so whomever I am paired with is not likely to count themselves lucky that they got me for a roomie.  There’s also the not-so-small issue with the fact that I keep a very strange schedule. It will be, for better or for worse, an adventure.

That’s all I’ve got for today. Hope all is well with everyone.



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