The Politics of Moving

Mr.POSSLQ and I are planning a (local) move in March. Our lease is up here at The Little Lair and 6+ years here is more than enough.  We’ve been through several (progressively worse) management companies and several (progressively worse) changes in neighbors.

We found a listing for a townhouse, went to go and see it, put in an application (plus paid the application fee).  We then found out that, instead of what I’m used to, where the first people to put in an application who are acceptable get the unit, these folks collect up a bunch of applications, process everyone and then (allegedly) they “drew a name out of a hat” and offered the unit to that person. Well, “that person” wasn’t Mr. POSSLQ and I.

This whole process pretty much sucked up the time and energy of two days and we were so stressed about the whole process (between my self-employment and the fact that there is absolutely zero love lost betwixt our current management company and us) that we are still, a couple of days later, both physically ill, not sleeping well and stressed beyond belief.

Oh, and, adding to the stress is the fact that apparently the current management company wouldn’t release any information to a prospective landlord without us putting in our “intent to vacate” so now the clock is truly ticking and we won’t have the option to renew here anyhow (not that we wanted to… but it would have been nice to not have to cut off our nose to spite our face).

Needless to say, this is not really a sustainable “normal” for the next couple of months. I know that, technically speaking, we have time. But I’d really like to get the “where” of this whole thing taken care of so I can start obsessing over the “how”.

I think Mr. POSSLQ and I are both going to sortve take the weekend off of worrying too much about it to try and get back to feeling “ok” (not sick). Hopefully the next application we fill out will not use the “lottery system” and we will just be able to apply, get accepted and sign a lease (the way it is SUPPOSED TO work).

So, think good thoughts for us and hope that we get something soon.

2 thoughts on “The Politics of Moving

  1. Moving to a new rental is probably the single most stressful thing ever. I’ve had shitty landlords (the Ukrainian mafia) and really, really great landlords (the current one). We swore by renting from management companies until this last one (who embezzled a zillion bucks and our deposit with it). After the embezzlement, our lease reverted to the actual owners, who live 4 states away and are awesome. I’m crossing my fingers that they never want to sell (although they have expressed interest in us buying). I am crossing my fingers and sending prayers to the universe that you find the right home (and landlord) for you. 🙂

  2. That sounds very questionable, not releasing information about your lease until you give them notice.

    Still, it sounds lilke your time there is better off coming to an end at this point.

    Better luck with the next place!

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