The Vasectomy Diaries – a review

I suppose you could say it’s an odd topic for a female to read a book about, but the Wasband winced when the word ‘vasectomy’ was mentioned within a 12-block radius of him so, if nothing else, I have a great late Xmas gift for him.  *sweet smile

You may recall that I’ve reviewed other books by Rodney Lacroix in the past – Romantic As Hell was a classic and actually, I think this is really an appropriate follow-up to Romantic As Hell, although The Vasectomy Diaries definitely stands on its own (I’ll pause here so you can insert your own mental visual…)

Yes, The Vasectomy Diaries made me laugh as much as, or more than,  Rodney’s other books. But I think that there was a lot of good information included for any guy contemplating undergoing the procedure (and I would recommend that women read it, too, so you’ll know what happens before, during and after the procedure and also you’ll know to stock up on 3 Musketeers bars to have around the house post-procedure. You can count the empty wrappers to figure out how close you are to getting to celebrate no-more-babies day).

It’s really pretty thorough, as well, covering the decision making process (why am I doing this?), the preparation (oh good LORD, why am I doing THIS?), the procedure (am I REALLY doing this?) and the aftermath (Yep, I did THAT!).

Along with the discussion of the procedure, there are several insightful observations along the way. Like this….

I am not sure why I’ve never done this sooner. I grew up during a time where men were men and the bigger your bush, the more land you could claim rightfully as your own.  Because of this, men just let things grow wild down there and even sometimes shampooed using Miracle-Gro just to claim bragging rights over the next guy’s bush.  We are living in modern times now, though, and having a massive pubic-hair farm just so you can own more land just means having to do more yardwork and, honestly, who needs that shit. Yardwork is so tiring.

I guess the main reason I never trimmed my man-garden was mainly out of fear. Things are BUMPY down there. I have cut my face enough times while shaving to know that running a razor blade across something with the consistency of half-filled water balloons with the texture of old corduroy probably will not end well.

It’s a nice, smooth read…like butter. And I thoroughly enjoyed it. I think it should be stocked in urologist’s offices (if for no other reason than because you can only read the herpes brochure so many times).  I also have to note that the illustrations are brilliant.

But I’m going to let you read to find out how the above is relevant to the book.  Seriously, if you’re looking for something to take the edge off of all the craptastic news we’re all dealing with lately (a moment of silence for the victims of The Bowling Green Massacre here), get a copy of The Vasectomy Diaries.  It makes the cut for one of the best books of 2017 (so far!)

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Happy reading!

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