Travel Thoughts

By the time I was tired, it was less than 2 hours before I would need to be up in order to be getting ready to take the shuttle to the airport. So, I didn’t sleep. Got the shuttle to the airport, security went pretty smoothly and got on the plane. Have to say that First Class, which I have always regarded as a stupid waste of money was absolutely worth it (and since I booked way in advance, I got a decent price).

Made it back to Mom’s after a stop to eat at Denny’s (because it was 11AM and I hadn’t eaten since 6PM the night before and I was feeling very tired & “wilted).  With a little food in me, I felt a little less wonky. Still, when I got to Mom’s I took a nap. Which helped a LITTLE. But I still feel really out of it.

Also, lugging luggage has shown me just how out of shape I am.  Must do better on getting things back to being able to hoof around some without feeling like I’m going to die. Last time I was here I lost 10 pounds, probably wouldn’t hurt me to repeat that this visit.

Hoping to feel back to what passes as normal soon.