U is for Under Pressure

We’re in the home stretch of the A-to-Z Blogging Challenge. I think this is where I ended up fizzling out last year so I am feeling a little under pressure to buckle down and stumble across the finish line.

Today, the bookshelf I had ordered last week came. So, Mr. POSSLQ assembled it and there are now books on it. I know that there are more books lurking out in the livingroom but the bookshelf is mostly full already. A little funny that there is one shelf that’s computer related books and another shelf that is Spirituality and Alternative Medicine.  Then there is the shelf that’s career focused… law/legal books, accounting books (I have a LOT of accounting books for someone who is not an accountant), Project Management books… and, somehow, TWO copies of “The Complete MBA for Dummies”.  Also on the shelf are the literary ‘magazine’ from high school in which my poetry was published and the books written by my Uncle.  Then there are the Marriage Counseling books (because I am a Wedding Officiant and have actually done the premarital counseling component for a couple I officiated for…)

I’m not sure what impression someone would get if they came and looked at the books on our bookshelves… everything from reference books, to cooking related books, to a perhaps alarming number of books about serial killers to comic collections. And even a few children’s books….

Yes, we have very unusual taste in books.