Up Past My Bedtime (Again)

As is a frequent theme here, I am up hours past the time I should be because I have been busy catching up on work. I have plans for later and will need to set an alarm to be up at a decent hour, but I had things I needed to get done so here I am with the Insomniac Ramblings once again.

The congestion issue was moderately better, which is nice because the whole not being able to breathe well thing was not something that I was enjoying. It may be a coincidence, but I picked up some local honey a few days ago and have been diligently taking a teaspoon of it per day. Of course, I am expecting that when I return home, my body will be all confused and I will suffer through a round of getting used to the home air, pollen, grass, trees and soil.  Not to mention the cat floof/dander/etc.  (Hmmm, a thought, Mom doesn’t currently have a cat, I wonder if I am allergic to NOT having a critter…)

I washed all of my clothes (which I really needed to do on Monday, so the fact that I waited until Wednesday is a bit unsettling).

I will also need to get Mom’s new printer up and running in the next day or so.  We picked that up on…Monday? So, here it is Thursday already… guess I need to hop to it and get it done.

I think I have the majority of my holiday shopping completed for Mr. POSSLQ.  I need to pick up something for my Mom and I am hoping that something that I ordered to have shipped here will arrive on time (something small for Mom and the Aunties).  If not, it will sortve spoil the surprise to have Mom unwrap the box, but she can pass the content along to the aunties.

Well, I’d best get to bed before I lose the opportunity to sleep at all.


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