V is for Victory?

Well, ok… I haven’t quite made it to the end of the blogging challenge yet so I can’t claim victory yet. Still, it’s winding down quickly and I can see the finish line.

It’s been raining a lot here lately.  One of my cats HATES rain.  Not just thunderstorms but rain just by itself. A thunderstorm has him camped out behind the toilet in the bathroom.  I suspect this is mainly because he hasn’t found another really good hidey hole yet in the new place but I am sure that if we give him time, he’ll find something (he is a pretty avid closet-hider…)

Mr. POSSLQ did not seem quite thrilled with another victory from today.  There were a number of boxes that I broke down to be taken to the dumpster.  Which, yes, is something that Mr. POSSLQ takes care of. He seemed less than thrilled that I had created more work. However, less boxes is a good thing… it means there should be more actual SPACE. And that’s a good thing, right?  I think that the bedroom is about 98% done. The kitchen is pretty much done (there are still some things missing… which is odd, but I’m sure they’ll turn up).  I think we’re going to need one more bookshelf (not surprising given the number of books we have). I think the bathrooms are pretty much done.  So, now it’s a matter of finishing up the livingroom/dining room area. (Where the majority of the boxes ended up).  I think that the office is probably going to end up taking a little more time just because I have to find a way to store all of crafting stuff, which I think is going to entail procuring a cabinet and I can’t really find anything that suits the purpose that is affordable.

This is probably the place where MOST people would head off to IKEA… but I think the chances of ever getting Mr. POSSLQ to (without heavy sedation) enter an IKEA are pretty slim. Still…. it would a small victory, right?