W is for Weary

So, things have been busy and busy is good but wow am I worn out. I don’t deal well with everything being in crisis mode all the time and this new client operates in ‘OMG!!!’ mode seemingly all the time. Makes it very interesting to try to produce quality work because everything is always last minute and/or a rush. Or it is something that should have been finished weeks ago. Which makes doing strategic planning pretty much a nightmare. So, yeah, I am not really happy with how things are going.

I’ve been thinking, too, about what skills I need to have in order to move things forward with my business. I have a ton of things I could do, I just need to narrow things down so I know what it is that I want to do next. What makes the most sense and what will bring a good ROI (time investment mostly).

There are a couple of certifications that might be helpful. At least I would have some additional credentials (which is probably helpful when, like me, you don’t have a degree). But I need to consider what will be the most marketable, as well. What is going to make a prospective client stop and say ‘Wow! That’s Really Impressive!!’

There are also some software packages that it might be good for me to learn but I have to figure out how to gauge the learning curve for things like that. Learning curve factors into the ROI.  And again, what is it that prospective clients will really be impressed by? (I have an entire page, 3 columns, single-spaced of software I’ve worked with already).

And, I suppose all of this will need to be looked at from the point of view of what do I WANT to be doing, going forward. I am thinking it is time to tighten things up, look at a new title for myself and to change my focus some. So, that’s on the agenda to have figured out by the end of this quarter.

But thinking about it just makes me tired, sometimes… No rest for the wicked, I guess. *grin