Wanted: One More Storage Closet

Sometimes it seems as if there is a dark side to everything. While I am finally getting clients (which is a GREAT thing), I feel like there are a number of areas in my life that are getting neglected and I just haven’t figured out yet how to balance everything so that it works.

I do wish that I had the space in my apartment to have a second desk set up to work at .  No separation between “work” and “not work” is really exhausting me. I am to the point where I am, pretty consistently, even DREAMING about work so I feel like I am not getting any mental down time.

I need at least two days to get the apartment cleaned to the point I would like it to be. That’s two FULL days where I can vacuum and make noise and I just don’t see it happening but I am starting to get REALLY frustrated/annoyed with how the apartment is looking.  And it doesn’t get done on the weekend because, sadly, I just CANNOT psychologically get around my feelings about doing housework whilst someone else is enjoying leisure time. Because even though INTELLECTUALLY I know how things really are and that Mr. POSSLQ’s job is a million six times more physically demanding than mine and that he ABSOLUTELY needs and deserves down time on the weekends, my EMOTIONAL brain just can’t and won’t get over feeling pissy when there is shit I need to get done and he’s doing what he does to relax.  I’ve TRIED. I’ve tried all sorts of things to convince myself to just DO IT and I just CAN’T.  (And the fact that I have a brain that works like that and someone still puts up with me amazes me).

Also, when someone else is home, my method of cleaning is more than a bit inconvenient as I tend to want to put all the “stuff” that needs to be dealt with somewhere that ends up being inconvenient (on, say, a bed) and then I sort and put away from there.  I honestly need one more big storage closet (along with the aforementioned alternate “office” space).  And I don’t just start cleaning and clean for hours. I take breaks, I do other things, I end up going down rabbit holes and it TAKES TIME.  And I fully admit that part of the problem is that I have too damn much stuff and I’m working on it. (But I would really, really like that one more closet).

I want to make some bath fizzies, but the big pile of boxes and stuff in the livingroom that needs to get to the dumpster (and has been there for MONTHS) makes the space I use for fizzie making a little difficult to navigate.

Mr.POSSLQ’s birthday is coming up and I am feeling really unprepared.  I am hoping like heck that Dr. Killemquick who had them draw TEN (10) vials of blood from Mr.POSSLQ about a week ago isn’t going to wait for Mr. POSSLQ’s birthday to dispense his latest round of medical wisdom (and the inevitable prescriptions that come with said wisdom).

And finally, tonight saw another entry in my “Bad Neighbor Log”, which is an electronic record I am keeping of all of the shenanigans of our neighbors who like to have loud, drunken parties and sing off-key karaoke.  I’d best get to bed soon, I have my monthly coffee get-together with a colleague tomorrow.  On the up side, dinner will be pot roast AND apple crisp (well, ok, pot roast is DINNER and apple crisp is DESSERT, but…OMNOMNOM!)