What can I say except SIGH

June is slipping by and I realized that I hadn’t come and blogged. Not because I haven’t had things to say, I guess I just haven’t been sure how to say what I’ve had on my mind.

So, we picked up Willow’s urn and the name plaque is incorrect. They were supposed to mail a new one, but it hasn’t come yet and, honestly, I doubt that it ever will. This leaves us with the choice whether to, at some point, get a new urn or just leave it. It doesn’t matter to Willow. First, he’s a cat and wouldn’t have cared any how. Second, it’s not like he could read. Third, he’s not physically here anymore (although I will make the argument that energy-wise, he’s still around – when I can see Crystal in the kitchen and see the blinds moving in the livingroom as they used to when Willow would go behind them to nap in the sun, I am pretty convinced the essence of Willow remains in our apartment).

While I don’t usually comment on current events I will say that the shootings in Orlando have been on my mind. I don’t have any answers and I don’t even really have any philosophical insights to share. It just makes me feel sad. And not in a superficial “oh gee, that’s too bad” way, but sad in the depths of my being. All of those people who did nothing wrong – dead.  *sigh

And I’m not going to get into politics. That just makes me needlessly upset.

Add to this the fact that The Girl is having a difficult time lately and there is nothing I can do to help and you have the recipe for a mopey, lonely, “I just want to take a sadness nap” MsDarkstar.

I’ll attempt more levity in my next post.

One thought on “What can I say except SIGH

  1. I hope your mood lifts. Taking a short break from blogging can help you write better later. I am such a small time blogger, it does not hurt my numbers that much. Besides, I blog more to remind myself, I am a writer. I maybe unpaid, unpublished; but, I spend a bit of time working on it each day.

    I don’t plan to look at television after the conventions. I don’t think I can stomach the ads this year. Although I will most certainly vote, my head will be in the sand with the tune nananananana I can’t hear you to any politics mentioned in my presence.

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