Y is for Y’all

An interesting note…I actually used y’all long before I moved to The South.  Not quite sure where I picked it up but it always felt natural to me, even when I lived on The Frozen Tundra and uttering y’all got me looks like there was a horn or two growing out of my head.

Of course, now that I live in The South, nobody bats an eye when I say y’all, even though it is somewhat regarded as slang, even here. I have noticed that even people who strive to be extremely formal at some point slip into y’all in conversation, and I think it’s just so much a part of their speech pattern that they don’t even know that they do it.  There are other words that people use in The South that I never heard on The Frozen Tundra.  And there are words that are pronounced completely differently.

I am forever grateful that there is no ‘hotdish’ to be found here.  Far too many years of that back on The Frozen Tundra.