Y is for Yesterday

In this case ‘yesterday’ is less literal and more nostalgic.

Growing up, I remember that there were three wooden monkeys that sat on the bookshelf at our house. They were see no evil (eyes covered), hear no evil (ears covered) and speak no evil (mouth covered).  I saw them again on the bookshelf last time I visited my Mom and she said that a relative of hers had brought them to her from Africa. I was absolutely thrilled when she offered them to me and I brought them home. Where they remained packed away because there was not really an appropriate place for them.

I found them when I was unpacking and have now set them up on a shelf in my office.

It’s funny the things that make us feel at home.  These monkeys, which are pretty simple, really, are something that have been in my life for as long as I can remember. And now that they’re sitting out, this new apartment is starting to feel more like home.