Z is for Zebra

I love zebras. I think this actually goes WAYYYY back in my life to when I was a little kid and my Aunt Carolyn had a room in her house where I usually slept that was called ‘The Zebra Room’ because the walls were painted with stripes.  Whatever the origin of my love of zebras, I have several of them today.

I have the two Zen Zebras that I got with Zebra pen orders. I have a plethora of plush zebras in varying sizes. I even have a zebra bank. I have zebra print sheet and a zebra striped comforter.  And my favorite cuddly blanket is a purple zebra print.  I even found zebra stripe wrapping paper which I used to cover the cardboard that I used to make my vision board (why yes, I am one of those ‘vision board’ people).

By the way, I highly recommend Zebra pens (and their mechanical pencils!) I have some really fabulous purple pens from Zebra and mechanical pencils and a set of fine liner pens (because, yes, I’m one of those people who COLORS, too… primarily because I can’t draw to save my life but I love attempting to be creative).

Z is also the last letter in the A-to-Z challenge. So, we’re done for this year.  It’s been a fun challenge.